Oil-free, soap- free, paraben-free, leave on or wash off. 


BetaFeel is extra gentle formula that is ideal for baby’s as well as your sensitive skin. This formula may be used as a mild wash-off or wipe-off cleanser that is effective in lifting off unwanted dirt and impurities from the skin. It leaves skin well-hydrated thus making it softer and smoother. It’s also a perfect mild moisturizer. Use it as a leave-on moisturizer to soothe dry and irritated skin. Use regularly for healthier, more radiant and younger-looking skin. 

BETAFEEL Gentle Hypoallergenic Cleanser (125 ml)

  • It contains

    Glycerin, Goat Milk Extract, Hydrolized Oat Protein

  • Directions for use

    As a wash-off cleanser: apply to skin and rub or massage gently to lift off dirt and impurities. Rinse well with water.

    As a wipe-off cleanser/make-up remover: apply generously to skin. Rub or massage gently to lift off dirt and impurities. Wipe off with a cotton pad or soft cloth.

    As a leave-on moisturizer: use as regular leave-on moisturizer. Apply generously all over the skin after cleansing. 

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