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Lighter naturally

DeoArmor is formulated with Apple Extract and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), a safer topical lightening, to help make the underarm skin look brighter and smoother. Having natural tightening properties, Apple can also help large underarm pores appear smaller. 

Clear naturally 

The Papaya Extract in DeoArmor helps improve skin tone and texture by naturally exfoliating dead and damaged cells. While a Lemon Peel Extract, high in Vitamin C, unclogs pores and promotes new skin cell growth. And a Licorice Extract prevents skin darkening. So many natural ingredients working for you.

Young-looking naturally

Aging gets visible on our underarms too. So the Olive Oil and Acai Berry Extracts, and Vitamin C in DeoArmor provide adequate antioxidants to help damaged cells, revive the skin, restore moisture - keeping skin smooth and young-looking.

DeoArmor, Deodorant, Myzkeene

Put your hands up!

 DeoArmor Brightening Deodorant loaded with Papaya and Apple extracts, Lemon Peel & Licorice, Acai Berry & Olive Oil

When the moment gets you all pumped up, put your hands up without worry of odor or sweat. Be assured of a naturally clear, naturally whiter underarms. Allow your newfound confidence to take you higher.


Ethyl Alcohol, Tea Tree Extract, Guava Leaf Extract, Beta Glucan, Niacinamide, Vitamin C


Usage:  Apply to existing pimples at least once to twice daily, ideally after washing and/or applying toner. For extra oily skin, apply the product to whole face to prevent sebum over production.  

Price & Size

50 mL spray bottle -  Php 260.00 per spray bottle

Free Multi-vitamins & Food Supplements

Bring beauty in with our best multi-vitamins and food supplements. They're free with every Php 2,500 purchase of MyZkeene products. Find one that suits you and your family in the Bonus Gifts section. Email us for your inquiries.

Ordering is easy

You can order:

1) Via the website

2) Via our Manila or Cebu Contact numbers, Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, and Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 noon Philippine Standard Time. 

3) Payment terms Cash On Delivery. For more details, go to the Orders tab on this website.

Free Delivery

Your DeoArmor Brightening Deodorant will be conveniently delivered to your home or office:

1) Minimum order Php 2,500.00 worth of MyZkeene products for areas within GMA 

2) or Minimum order Php 3,500.00 worth of MyZkeene products for Provincial Areas

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